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The Coordination is apolitical and independent and carries out its activity, without profit, and with the exclusive pursuit of civic, solidarity or socially useful purposes for the care of individual and collective interests of young people with diabetes, proposing itself as spokesperson for the participating bodies, towards healthcare institutions and other components interested in the fight against diabetes, encouraging the exchange of local experiences and comparison with other regional and interregional realities.


    • LOMBARDY REGION – OBJECT: Therapeutic Plans relating to prosthetic, disposable, integrative assistance dietary, diabetic supplementation and LTOT (long-term oxygen therapy with liquid oxygen and/or concentrators)

Redefinition of the MAXIMUM duration of some therapy plans (including MICROINFUSES, CGM and FGM monitoring systems with an UNLIMITED max duration) . See NOTE from the Region Lombardy

The Coordination activity is mainly aimed at:

    • to the promotion and protection of the rights of people with diabetes in developmental age and their family members;
    • to the collection and evaluation of evidence of discomfort expressed by young people with diabetes themselves or by their family members, in relation to lack of medical assistance and reception in the school and social context;
    • looking for and maintaining contacts with other associations in the sector, regional, national and international, to create synergies and updates aimed at improving the treatment of the disease and its complications;
    • to the development of shared, integrative and improving instances of the current regulations, highlighting the priority of the different needs of the young people with diabetes, compared to the general diabetic pathology;
    • participation in study projects, technical and scientific tables, working groups on diabetes and related diseases, organized by institutions public or private.